Associate Professor- Faculty of Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science


Short Description

Development and implementation of numerical methods for partial differential equations with applications in Fluid Dynamics, Heat Transfer and Bio Engineering is my main research focus. Those applications call for governing equations that are often nonlinear and may have an irregular interface. The location of the interface needs to be accurately known to correctly enforce the boundary conditions at it. This may be a challenge, especially if the interface is moving. These problems generally have multiple scales, meaning that the difference between the smallest scale that needs to be resolved and the largest scale is vast. This calls for immense computational power where HPC comes to the rescue.

Selected publications

  • -B. Indurain, D. Uystepruyst, F. Beaubert, S. Lalot, Á. Helgadóttir. Numerical investigation of several twisted tubes with non-conventional tube cross sections on heat transfer and pressure drop. Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry. 140: 1555-1568 (2020).
  • – Á. Helgadóttir, S. Lalot, F. Beaubert, H. Pálsson. Mesh Twisting Technique for Swirl Induced Laminar Flow Used to Determine a Desired Blade Shape. Applied Sciences. 8 (10): 1865 (2018).
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  • – M. Mirzadeh, M. Theillard, Á. Helgadóttir, D. Boy, F. Gibou. An Adaptive, Finite Difference Solver for the Nonlinear Poisson-Boltzmann Equation with Applications to Biomolecular Computations. Communications in Computational Physics. 13 (1): 150-173 (2013).
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