First step in connecting to a IHPC cluster is setting up a SSH client. Most Linux system have this installed from the get-go, while Windows users are recommended to use the free Windows SSH client PuTTY.
All computations on our HPC systems are performed through a command line interface.
Users should always run their computations on the compute nodes, not the login nodes. This is done by using the queuing system.

Basic HPC Concepts

High performance Computing (HPC):

Cluster Computing and High Performace Computing: What these types of resources can and cannot do and how they are different from a desktop computing environment.

Basic Unix/Linux : Working with the shell and command line, file editing, setting file and directory rights etc.

SSH : Tool to used to login into the cluster.

Basic Shell Scripting : Users create and edit scripts which launch compute jobs.  These scripts are submitted to a queue and run your job when you reach the head of the line: