Funded by the EuroCC project, NCC Iceland organizes bi-monthly Icelandic HPC Community Workshops with public participation and is open to everyone interested. Please contact us if you have interest to participate or if you would like to be a presenter in those workshops. After the great success of our first workshop in August, the Icelandic HPC community discussed and agreed that a bi-monthly workshop series is useful.

1st Icelandic HPC Community Workshop (2021-08-11)


2nd Icelandic HPC Community Workshop

Scheduled for the last week of October 2021 (confirmed talks: RANNIS, Simulation and Data Lab ACUTE, Nordverse SME, Icelandic Geosurvey ISOR & Geothermal community (TBC))

3rd Icelandic HPC Community Workshop

Scheduled for mid-December 2021 (confirmed talks: Simulation and Data Lab Neuroscience, Simulation and Data Lab Remote Sensing)

4th Icelandic HPC Community Workshop

Scheduled for February 2022 with a special emphasis on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) in collaboration with NCC Germany and NCC Cyprus (confirmed talks: Marcel Aach and Andreas Lintermann, Juelich Supercomputing Centre, GAUSS/NCC Germany; Nikkos Savva, CastorC, NCC Cyprus (TBC), Icelandic Simulation and Data Lab CFD representatives, Landsvirkjun (TBC))